Seattle True Foodies

Group Description

This is a group for intimate gatherings at chef's restaurants. The idea is to visit non-chain venues in the greater Seattle area--places that are small, focused, and dedicated to the art of food, not the commerce.

Please understand that the mission of this group is somewhat different from some of the other dining groups. While it's social, it will never be organized around large "meet and greet"-style gatherings. Our events will bevery small (6)to med (~30) sized, and we will not visit corporate or chain restaurants.

We are food adventurers and committed supporters of the local food scene.

To promote the social side of things, please post a clear photo showing just you, showing your face clearly,w/o sun glasses, not a picture of your pet, your kid,s your friends, your back, or a flower, the beach, etc., and let us knowat least your first name.

If you are joining as a couple, please include both your first names. Please note however:'s RSVPs are geared toindividuals, as+1s on the waiting lists always have lower priority than individuals (when seating islimited).