The Churchill Society

Group Description

Churchill Society is an International Political & Economic Affairs Think Tank...

The Churchill Society is the pre-eminent forum for the discussion of Economics, Business, Politics, and Technology, by always asking this simple question: 

"What Would WInston DO?"

We answer this in a modern manner facing the Future boldly with Courage that leads to the discovery of Truth through honest and courageous conversations that lead to actions and thoughtful policies. 

Today the Churchill Society unites its members in discourse, debate and friendship that will last a lifetime, and it's members members aspire to moral leadership, intellectual freedom, and social excellence, in themselves and in their friends and colleagues, as they seek to inspire these values in the wider society as well.

The Churchill Society seeks out Leaders and nurtures their development for parliamentary debate, knowledge and intellectual discourse that leads to mature decision-making, individual responsibility and moral leadership that shines across the barriers of culture and nurture...

Churchill Society members get together weekly in order to hear our stories, share our vision, engage in parliamentary debate and reach consensus, and thus create a new dynamic Equilibrium for our Policies by advocating our Independent values and delivering our idea of putting people first -- always ahead of ideology and political parties. 

The Churchill Society members seek to inspire moral, intellectual, & social excellence in themselves as they seek to inspire the values of Liberty, Justice, & Democracy in our general Society and in the relationships amongst nations across the world.

The five cardinal values we share are Friendship, Moral Leadership, Honesty, Intellectual Engagement, and Responsible Social Conduct as Service to Society. These are the cornerstones of our belief and traditions and we expect all members to share and live by, and thus we achieve amazing results. 

In short we design our Future through Discussion, Debate, & Democratic process. We share the narrative of the day and bring it to the world. As Plato said: "This World belongs to the storytellers" and he meant that the Best leaders were the best Storytellers. His sentiment was echoing Plato's teacher Socrates. And we follow that tradition at the Churchill Society where we actually share our stories in order to engage others and thus design our future...

And as our Founder says: "The Future belongs to those bold enough to design it" --Dr Kroko

We invite You to tell your Story here as well...

The Churchill Society is also a real life Social Network of Smart and Influential People, who are working together for Innovation, social improvement, common progress, conservation, and are seeking to perform those Great Deeds, and explore those far reaches of our intellect, in the internal and the external world.

The Churchill Society is always reaching for those Incredible Ideas whose time has come...

"Without Tradition Business is a flock without a Shepherd. Yet without Innovation Business is a corpse" --Winston Churchill

So pray tell -- what's your story?

The Churchill Society's approach to Socratic intellectual honesty and living an examined Life is authentic, and we pursue it through beautiful, & valuable storytelling. No matter how challenging our Life is, we can be grateful when we are reminded why we are the luckiest People on Earth. We are always thankful, for having the Freedom to Speak our Minds and debate our causes and ideals, without fear of persecution. Yet it is the introduction of fresh IDEAS that trumps all else we seek to be engaged in.

As idea generators, storytellers, and as debaters, we are Free to be just that. Because we live in a Social fabric that develops further and gains the necessary definition through our collective Agency and Structural inputs. We are the igniters of great Conversations. We are the inciters of famous incidents. We are the actors in the play of our Life. We are the protagonists in the story of our Lives. We are ultimately the Storytellers.

We create our Collective Reality each and every day as the fount of ideas percolates as ripples into a pond. So please do not take the storyline of our lives as theater, but as real life, because we always seek to find the “ah-ha” moment that explains everything. It is the moment the ripples become a standing wave, and then we share this wave of cognition with the hungry masses outside. The Churchill Society provides for the new ideas, and their story of discovery, along with gazing the new frontiers of the Mind and our Life. It is those intellectual peaks that need to be scaled, so we can built the Empires of the Mind that Winston Churchill alluded to.

Yet because we are not prophets, but rather simple Star gazers. Albeit we are the ones with the powerful telescopes. And thus we penetrate deep into the night, and we see through the walls of time, by searching the deep recesses of our Universe and illuminating our dark corners. As intellectually honest friends, we are well endowed to solve all the problems we face. Mind you this is not a way to describe the Universe -- but rather a way to "create" the one we help uncover. And it is a "Universe" that we share through new communicative ways, so to help others find it too. We do this because we want everyone to find the new Truth and share in the New Equilibrium, since it can shake up their lives and steer them to the Good. We cause disruption in all kinds of positive ways. And we do this regularly, out of a sense of duty and responsibility. Responsibility to lead, so that the Good News we share, can take the people's day from ordinary to extraordinary -- same as ours. Everybody's moral reality improves.

If you think you're in complete control of your destiny or even your own actions, you're wrong. Every choice you make, every behavior you exhibit, and even every desire you have finds its roots in the social universe. In this vein of thought we can explain why individual actions are inextricably linked to sociological pressures, peer collectivism, political correctness, norms, and standardized values. And whether you’re enjoying a random act of kindness or suffering through a random act of violence, or even absorbing some benefit of altruism performed by someone you’ll never meet -- collective phenomena affect every aspect of your life. So we aim to help with this process by turning it more positive. Disrupting the existing majority opinion is a must. Inflaming the political correctness is also important in order to reveal the poverty of ideas and brutality of the low denominator of authority hiding behind this veil of propriety.

This is the definition of a spanner in the works. A plot twist. A changing of the ship's course. All this is a common practice in our life's narration that we use to keep the interest of the audience high. We use this plot twist to surprise them with a revelation of the truth. And then we guide them to a new equilibrium. In short we are helping others, through conversation and connection, to grow, progress, and change. We trade fear for volition. We exchange false evidence appearing real for True Clarity of Purpose. We are not afraid to be contrarians and to swim upstream. After all it only the dead fish that always flow with the current. So we lead and we lead on. And we do that every day because winning the Mind is the most worthy goal of the Churchill Society and it's membership.

The Churchill Society also represents a Social Network for people who want to engage others in constructive dialogue, discourse, and discussion about complex issues, problems, and opportunities, of all scales. Yet we are all honest dealers of ideas and we take Intellectual Honesty seriously.

Intellectual honesty means that you make the arguments you think are true, as opposed to making the arguments you are “supposed” to make and/or avoiding making arguments that you think are true, or that you aren’t “supposed” to make.

Basically Intellectual Honesty means we’re willing to rock the boat, shine the bright light, and say “that thing” that no one else wants to say.

We are willing to throw the spanner in the works and gum up the process because we are not afraid of Living Large. We are the Gadfly that beckons people to examine themselves, their society and their lives. After all "An unexamined Life is not worth living" as old Socrates often said.

So let us examine the Life of our fair City, our beautiful State, and our Great Nation -- all the while examining ourselves too.

At the Churchill Society, we always seek to find the truth, and we are not afraid to be contrarians, nor are we afraid to raise our voices -- because we believe an honest argument always needs to be made for the greater good. Intellectual Honesty and Personal Integrity, demand nothing less.

Yet we also search for ways to turn the major Crises we face into Opportunities for Growth and Change. After having accomplished this, not only our Impact and Reputation are enhanced, but our focus is sharpened, and our actions are guided fully, towards the Common Good.

We engage in Democratic public debates targeting the Truth, and we collaborate on solving complex problems in an open-ended way, via the intelligent process of unfettered dialogue, and parliamentary procedure.

The goal is to reach a new dynamic equilibrium, if not consent and consensus -- on the big things and to solve the small things by increasing the effectiveness of Public Leadership. Corporate Leadership, Public leadership, social leadership, and group discussions of all kinds, help inspiring Speakers voice their Cause, offer their Domain Expertise, and bring all things to light.

We strive to be open, and transparent by helping participants share their TRUTH, unfettered and that is why we keep all of our debates under "Chatham House Rules" and maintain the privacy and propriety of all Speakers, Debaters, and Society Members.

The Society keeps things organized in a Parliamentary debate for ourselves and for each other, in order to allow intelligent discourse and thus we can all see how everything fits together, as if we were “seeing into a global brain” that we can all contribute to it's existence.

The hope is that this could augment current large-group decision processes so that the outcome can be more intelligent when more people are involved.

That is Intelligence Crowdsourcing and leadership at it's best.

The basic idea is to visualize the semantic networks of existing and potential Churchillian participants where we can originate, provoke, or comment on discussions that fit into the whole World scheme os mind. As leaders we know that intelligence is to be able to hold opposing views – and thus whether, people agree or disagree on the what, the ifs, and the whys, we can still all agree on what is relevant or connected and why. Further we lead by establishing who knows what, who is adding interesting events, speeches, debates, and which Organization leads or Community in giving back to the people from it's profits, and how everything ties together.

That is Why we Welcome all leading organizations, Corporations, and Leaders to the Churchill Society -- because You are now a leader amongst leaders, and although your individual annual Membership is Free -- we always ask our Members for a community donation of $1,000 per annum based on a sliding fee schedule that allows You to attend all regular events gratis.
You can also opt for Corporate Membership because that gives you free access to all of our events, regular and otherwise, premiere gatherings, Leadership trainings, and it also offers maximum support, and Recognition for your Company and Yourself.

We are offering all of our Companies the opportunity to sponsor Events and schedule Speeches on subjects of their particular interest and domain expertise. Needless to say that Leadership & Visibility of your Organization amongst Seattle and Washington State's decision makers on both sides of the land, in this and in the other Washington will enable you to achieve some of the most difficult public tasks and bring windfall from the incredibly valuable ad deep connections.

Churchillian corporate Leadership keeps our Democracy healthy through Debates, Hot Topic Speeches, and offers Deep Domain Expertise from Speakers & Leaders who distill the current trends, markets, and forecasts, to an insider knowledge review for our World's national and Global Markets.

The Churchill Society cultivates important business and political relationships that boost our State's Economic Development while supporting our Companies' business development opportunities locally and all around the Nation & the World.

These days we naturally focus quite a lot on Asia, China, & the Pacific, because that is where many new Challenges and Opportunities await us. To address the issues we have established counterparts in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, and Beijing, amongst others. And today since the visit of Xi-Jinping China's premiere to Seattle where we participated in the US-China Technology Leaders Summit we have established through industry, commerce, software, and intelligent exchanges, that China is the greatest trading partner of Washington State and the US, and that it befits our discussions to reflect that if we are to built the bridges of the future.

And the Corporations that join the discussion of the Churchill Society show their Commitment to Excellence and their Support not only for Washington State, but for the State of the World, because now You are a Member of the most respected non-profit professional organization that cares for Improving not only our State but the State of the whole World.

If you join the Churchill Society, as a Corporate Member, today in order to receive the public member benefits for your Company, for your employees, and for your brand -- you shall get rewarded through membership in corresponding Society Organizations in the UK and across the world.

So your Company and your Leaders can become partners wherever they travel and gain the local advantage by communicating and sharing Club privileges around the World in the most local manner. They gain local intelligent leadership support and win contracts, connections, and Leadership. Publicity, Brand, PR Coverage, and a Speaking Floor, all help to make someone a local "legend" fairly quickly. Free event passes, VIP reception invitations, Ambassador status, Partner Society Admissions, Club memberships, in the US, Europe, Asia, and China and across the World -- are all perks of our Corporate membership.

To gain all this and much much more -- please contact our Membership Officer right here.
For more information, please contact Ms Marina Vardi, by email-inmail on this site...

The Churchill Society's idea is to help everyone understand the issues, and gain knowledge from the debates and to be able to reach consensus. through reference to prior conversations and contributions.

In parliamentary discussion you can win personal Growth and effect Change, in yourself and others only if you are considering changing your mind also. Because as Winston Churchill said: To go from position X to Y, you need the tools that would help you find a Reason representing that transition. We offer you the Summary attached to all the Debates, into which you could find the best arguments in either direction, where “best” means “most persuasive to the people you want to be influenced by”

The Churchill Society is thus a tool which would let you open up the Summary into the finer-grained edges of all Issues and Arguments. The Churchill Society summarizes the Speeches and Debates by seeking the leading edge Summary & Comment from those that spoke, and those that had made or supported each argument, in the context of the Debate, and the gleanings from what they thought was related to it, by the group discourse.

Conversely, if you want to encourage other people to change their mind, or discourage them from doing so, you would find the same Summary, view the existing arguments, and thus gain the leading edge, by figuring out what’s missing, and how best to add it. We all learn and improve by changing, through adding a new argument or counterargument, or adding or removing our support for something already there, or by helping to clarify, or add further factual and scientific evidence.

Handling conflicts, or more generally combining influence from multiple sources, is an important topic elaborated on each issue. Because whenever there is not consensus, there can be acrimony and animosity. And even partisan or rather hyper personal, or fractional views, of specific issues, that are not implicitly linked to the Truth. Yet when we are thinking together WE COULD ALL WIN TOGETHER, because alternative viewpoints can be heard, noted, and noticed. The goal of the Churchill Society is to combine the best aspects of both full individual control, and the “single place for each discussion”. We want to encourage and enable consensus, but not provide an illusion of it.

Therefore, the best ideas in the end might be a combination of what seemed initially like opposing views.

To accommodate Open Discussion in all of our Lectures, Speeches, and Public Debates -- we employ Chatham House Rules to preserve the anonymity of the Speakers and Participants and thus ensure and unfettered discussion.

The first meeting of the Churchill Society was held on October 2, 2007, featuring Microsoft Technical Leaders and then Seattle Wireless CEO Pano Kroko to discuss the innovations of Wireless Internet named then Wi-Fi.

The Churchill Society was founded by Dr Kroko and a group of friends from the Seattle and the Eastside, who built an organization dedicated to producing programs where Lions meet Lions. Or as it happens a place where People speak with People about Ideas and Important issues. Or as the Valley's Churchil Club says a place where "important people say important things".

As a Churchill Society speaker, Dr Kroko believes that Seattle is the most progressive city, Washington is the State of Pioneers, and America is the nation of World Leaders, and Innovation. Still today we need to double down on Innovation because this is the stage of the World when we face insurmountable problems that can only be solved through Innovative Technology, Progressive Science, and Enlightened Politics. Ergo Enlightened Leadership, much like what Winston Churchill himself offered, because there is no other historical person who would more heartily approve of this Society's aims and endeavors than Winston Churchill.

Winston Spencer Churchill was brought up in the tradition of parliamentary democracy, and it is the very Churchillian character and career that personify the democratic values of open discourse and freedom to change Society to a higher equilibrium.

CHANGE -- We can do this as well because of what is now called the "entrepreneurial spirit" that is an attribute epitomized in Churchill's own qualities of tenacity, innovation, intelligence, creativity, risk-taking and boundless energy.

His strategic vision, perseverance, and wit, provided the bridge necessary to bring together great leaders, opinions, ideas, and events. We aim as a Society to be that bridge. We aim to continue the dialogue that Winston started and we aim to effect CHANGE.

In fact, the Churchill Society is just the legacy of Winston Churchill's reaching for the highest peaks of excellence, the free thinking, openly engaging and achieving personality, that highlights democracy, innovation, and intelligence at its best.

So go ahead and join our Community by attending an event, getting inspired, and making connections with other Churchillians, and working together for Human Progress, and Prosperity.

By joining the discussion, you become part of the most vibrant group of Leaders of the Pacific Northwest, because we are bringing together the leading voices from every sector of the State and the Community.

Policymakers, academics, journalists, and activists, all come together to speak and share with concerned citizens to address the effects of our Energy, our Politics, our Business, our Capital, our Resources, our Climate and our Society. But above all else we are interested in the impact of our IDEAS. Because ideas power our world. Ideas represent our Future and the past. Ideas are all there is. And the arguments that win over the best ideas -- have to be heard.

They have to be heard because we believe an argument needs to be made for the greater good. Greater good can be for our families. Or for the City. Or maybe for our Society as a whole. Or the Nation. Or maybe for our Companies and our Customers. Or for our Executive Teams, and our Employees, or even our multiple bottom lines. There are lots of “greater goods” that demand the risk necessary to voice the minority opinion.

Lesser forums punish people for speaking up and for bringing the argument forth, and thus taking the risk. Lesser forums or organizations shut you down. They ignore your concerns. They silence it with sentences like “we’ll get to that later” or “good point" but we’re just too far along to rethink that. Yet it is our experience that parliaments, and democratic institutions always hit pause. They hit pause and treat dissent with plenty of respect. They stop and start to listen to the dissenters and the lone voices. And that is what the CS Forum always does. We acknowledge the point made and give it at least a few minutes to breathe, to be heard and to be discussed in the open air. This is how Social Agency and powerful Leadership are born. Because this is growth through Collective Wisdom.

Of course this doesn’t mean that the contrarian argument wins out always when it is made. Far from it. As a matter of fact - most times it doesn’t. But there is something exceedingly special about allowing an idea to breathe. This respect for intellectual honesty breeds empowerment, as It reminds everyone that we all have voices and can bring fresh perspectives and unique experiences that are all rather valuable. This is indeed the process of crowdsourced Democracy that kills soul sucking bureaucracies, oligarchies, academic political correctness, and tyranny -- and instead rewards reason, free thinking, intellectual honesty, personal integrity, and brilliance.

Yet as we all know -- accommodating Dissent it still isn’t easy. In our Society we know for a long time now that to solve major problems, the best thing to do when faced with a dilemma of corruption -- it is to shine a bright light on the issue. And although this sounds harsh, methodical, and maybe uncomfortable -- it is no less than what the scientific method dictates. Through the discomfort and the argumentative exchange we all come out ahead, but through the enlightening process, we all win. Not just personally but as Society, as Cities, and as Companies too. We come out ahead and our collective equilibrium changes because in the final analysis, it all blends into the truest statement of great Leaders like Winston Churchill: “If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Great People and especially Great Leaders don’t choose easy. They choose hard. And "hard" is good because even a "difficult" philosopher like Friedrich Nietzsche told us why "A Fulfilling Life Requires Embracing Rather than Running from Difficulty..."

We argue but we also arrive at a fairly comfortable Consensus. Then we share the message. Our social media, newsletters, and blogs inform and inspire our community, and keep the conversation going, and now we want to invite you to use them to the benefit of an informed Community in order for our Democracy to function better and for a Thousand ideas to blossom.

Come on in and add your voice to the conversation today, because You are the bloom we have been waiting for. You are the Disruptor n Chief.

The Churchill Society is a Washington State public affairs forum and Seattle's best Speaker's soap box.

We bring more than 30 annual speaking and debating events, on topics ranging across politics, culture, society, and the economy, to more than 1,300 members.

The Churchill Society has offices in Seattle, and Spokane with regular events in both cities, as well as programs in other cities, towns, and places of interest for Washington State, the Nation, and the World.

For members outside the area, the Club's weekly podcast features interviews, and discussions, as well as audio of our recent programs, and selected speeches from our history.

The mission of The Churchill Society, is to be the leading forum open to all for the impartial discussion of public issues important to the membership, community and nation.

Our Speakers are a diverse and distinctive group -- from the Innovators of Business, Science, & Technology to the Explorers of our World and Space, to the Political Leaders, and the popular writers of the day.

We like to invite Supporters to give their World Changing Speeches at The Churchill Society, because we believe that ideas whose time has come -- are truly the only Tools that ultimately Change the World.

Our Supporters span the whole array of Business and Industry and open Membership, because as a nonprofit, nonpartisan educational organization -- The Churchill Society relies on the support of its membership, the Business Council, and foundation grants to continue its role in fostering open public discussion in the Washington State and the Seattle Area and throughout the nation via radio, Internet and television.

The Churchill Society has many exciting ventures planned for the future, yet we need your help to support and materialize these plans.

And as You help by Volunteering -- you can also take credit by making Washington a better State and our Organization more representative of all the people and the Peoples of Washington State, the Nation, and the World.

Join us to attend and learn more about our recent accomplishments in one of our upcoming talks....

This is the best Public Forum in Seattle, in Washington State and beyond.

Join our Community...

Attend an event.

Get inspired.

Make connections.




Join the discussion.

Come with us because we’re bringing together voices from every sector of the community. Business Leaders and Political leaders. Policymakers, and Activists. Academics, and Journalists.

All these people come together with Speakers and concerned citizens in order to address the effects of our Decisions and Actions as a Society.

Join our Social media, newsletters, and blogs that inspire our community and keep the conversation going.

Come on in and add your voice to the conversation today.

Corporate membership with the Churchill Club helps you build Corporate and Brand distinction and awareness by increasing the visibility of your Organization amongst the Seattle and Washington State decision-makers.

It also helps enhance knowledge amongst your Corporate Leadership by keeping all our members best informed about our Democracy, through Debates, Speeches, and all Deep Domain Experts who distill the current with news, trends, markets, and forecasts, towards insider knowledge for our World and our Global Markets.

The Churchill Society also cultivates important business and political relationships that boost our State's Economic Development while supporting our Companies' business development opportunities instate and around the World.

We focus a lot on the Pacific Century, and especially in China because we have a counterpart in Shanghai since China is the greatest trading partner of Washington State and the US.

Additionally by joining the Churchill Society You can show your Company's Commitment to Excellence and Your Support for Washington State, and the State of the World. And You are also a Member of the most respected non-profit professional organization that cares for Improving our State and the State of our World.

So go ahead and Join the Churchill Society, as a Corporate Member, in order to receive member benefits for your Company, for your employees, fas well as Publicity, Coverage, a Speaking Floor, Free event passes, VIP reception invitations, Partner Society Admissions in the US, Europe, and China, and across the World and much much more.

You can view the various levels of corporate membership opportunities below and choose the One appropriate for you and your Company.

Corporate Membership Opportunities and Levels of Benefits for the Companies and their Leaders are listed bellow:


1) Prime Minister - Head of Government. Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $50,000

2)Shadow Prime Minister - Head of Opposition: Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $40,000

3) Speaker of the House. Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $30,000

4) Minister - Cabinet Member. Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $25,000

5) Member of the House of Lords.Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $20,000

6) House Whip.Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $15,000

7) Member of the House of Commons.Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $10,000

8) Junior Cabinet Member.Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $5,000

9) Backbencher House of Commons.Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees: $2,500

10) Constituent Representative.Membership Investment inclusive of Annual Fees:: $1,500

For more information, please contact Marina Vardi by email-inmail right here.

To join the Churchill Society -- please ask an Existing Member to vouchsafe for You and then we will extend an Invitation to become a member of this Society.

Corporate Membership and the Annual Fees to the Churchill Society which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, means that your membership contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.

To gain all this and much more -- please contact our Membership Officer right here. For more information, please contact Ms Marina Vardi, by email-inmail on this site...

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