[Multimedia] Political Open Mic @ Substation [Monthly event]

Group Description

The Wandering Eye: Political Art Collective & Zine presents: POLITICAL OPEN MIC!

Political Open Mic is a open mic-style multimedia art showing and live performance event. WE invite you to share art-in-progress, new art, and old art. ANY POLITICAL & PROTEST ART GOES! 

Unlike a travel ban, we welcome everyone. No hate speech allowed. If your act requires special set-up or equipment, please let us know before the day of the event.

Come show us your anti-Trump art, your poster from the Science March, your new political stand-up routine, or your interpretative dance piece about the death of empathy in America! Show video interviews you did with immigrant families, perform a Putin-on-Trump burlesque duet, or play tunes from your anarchist all-ukelele punk band!

Cost: Free!
Time: Depends on event. See upcoming meet-ups. 
Drinks for 21+

Invite your friends & share the event with any artists you think may be interested!

Q: How do I know if my art is poltical? What if it's related to nature, science, my dating experiences, my family upbringing?
A: Want it to be political? Make it political! It's all about the artist statement. Nature piece? Integrate conservation efforts into your statement. About your personal experience? Talk about how your race, privilegde, gender aligment, or income level contributed to this art. GET POLITICAL.

Q: I've never been to poltiical open mic. What's it like?
A: Sign up to perform when you first arrive. Mingle with like-minded artists and make some new friends. Acts start 30 mins after doors. Q: What if I want to check it out before I sign up to perform?
A: No problem! You can always alert the MC, Jay T. Conrad, and let her know that you would like to perform. Keep in mind that performanes are done on a first-come, first-serve basis!

Q: I want to participate but I live far away! What do?
A: You can perform for this event via live stream! Hit up The Wandering Eye: Political Art Collective & Zine or Jay T. Conrad for details. We believe in making it happen, but of course, in person is always best!

Q: I want to be a featured artist at poltiical open mic. How do I do that?
A: Reach out directly to The Wandering Eye: Political Art Collective & Zine page to to the MC, Jay T. Conrad for details