Voting Systems: Technology, Registration, and Turnout

Group Description

This is a nonpartisan group for anyone interested in the systems, policies, and technologies that underlie voter registration and voter turnout. The preliminary goal of this group will be to answer two key questions: 1) Why isnít eligible voter registration at 100%?

2) Why isnít registered voter turnout at 100%?

I started this group to understand the reasons underlying low voter registration and low voter turnout in the United States. If these factors are primarily technologically driven, I am curious to further determine how existing and emerging technologies can be used to increase voter registration and participation among eligible voters at the local, county, state, and national level. It is very possible that the scope and direction of this group may change as brainstorms lead to action steps and so on. Weíve got a lot of work to do to get to 100% registration and turnout, so letís get to it!