Seattle Couples Dinner Club

Group Description

Love food? Love wine/cocktails? Love to make new friends? Looking for things to do with your significant other? Come dine around Seattle at new/favorite restaurants and make new friends. This is not a swingers group, just a place to meet other couples and socialize. It's hard enough to make new friends in Seattle so why not find things that connect us and go from there. All are welcome!

A few things to note:
We'll be planning one a month, typically on Thursdays, unless those days don't work for the general group.

RSVP's are important as that allows us to plan accordingly. We will be making a reservation at the restaurants we attend so if you say yes, please show up. If you are constantly RSVP'ing yes and not attending you will be asked to leave the group - sorry, but it's unfair to those who want to attend and can't due to their being so spaces. All reservations will have a limit (typically between 10-14) as it's easier to get a table for a set number of people. If you are bringing your significant other, please RSVP +1, otherwise we will assume it is just you.

Please bring cash for your meals - we will request separate checks ahead of times but if for some reason they won't allow it then we will need to pay cash. With this size of groups, tips will more than likely be included in the total bill.

If you have dinner suggestions or event ideas, please let us know.

We look forward to meeting you all!

Tarah & Keith

P.S. If you RSVP to an event and miss more than 2 you will be removed from the group. Our waitlists have gotten to be long so I want to make sure everyone has a chance to attend that wants to - it's only fair! Thank you for understanding.