Gluten Free Seattle

Group Description

So, you just found out youre gluten intolerant, and maybe even have celiac disease. Now what? Gluten Free Seattle Meet-Up is here to the rescue! Join our community to learn about how to go gluten-free. Maybe you have questions like: What can I eat? Which restaurants are safe? Do I need to take supplements? Will I ever participate in food-centered social events again? Our monthly meet-ups may include: Food & Drink ? gluten-free beer tasting with Groundbreaker from Portland and the new gluten-free brewery Ghost Fish in Seattle ? gluten-free dinner at Razzis Pizzeria in Greenwood ? delicious cupcake tasting by a local gluten-free, vegan baker ? tasting at Eat Local Prepared Meals in downtown Seattle ? tasting of Toosum Healthy Bars, a local Seattle company Discussion Topics ? health advice regarding celiac & gluten-intolerance testing ? supplements ? cooking demonstrations ? diet suggestions ? traveling with food allergies ? hanging out with non-gluten free friends & family