Job Club Seattle

Group Description

Meetup for networking, tips & techniques for the job-hunting, career-changing, and soul-searching in all industries. According to What Color Is Your Parachute?, a job club has a success rate of 84%—that's how many people using ONLY this method of job searching find jobs—compared to the dismal 7% success rate found by blindly sending out resumes. I want a good job, and if you're reading this, so do you. Let's pool our resources, contacts, time, and support to achieve that goal. We are meeting on a weekly basis to share our insights and what we're learning out there in the current job market. Please join us. This Meetup has proven very popular and now averages about 20 people per week. The meeting format has evolved over time, but centers on the sharing of tips and tricks that are working for our members in finding jobs. A large part of our discussions focus on networking opportunities and techniques. We also share information on composing and formatting resumes and cover letters in the electronic age. We then practice what we preach by networking with each other and brainstorming job search strategies for each member as we introduce ourselves around the table. This Meetup is a purely volunteer effort lead by non-professionals. There is no hidden agenda to sell you services at a later date. This Meetup is about sharing information, ideals and mutual support. Therefore, we rely on people stepping up not only to participate in the meetings, but also to help run those meetings. The current leadership has found employment and will be slowing their participation over time. If a leader is not present to run the meeting, please give it a try – it can be quite rewarding and fresh perspectives are always welcome. There will be people present that have learned the information that we have previously shared and the hope is that those members will continue to pass on the “village knowledge” to the new members each week. Much of what we have learned and talked about can also be found in the “Files” section of the website. PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this Meetup is to act as an educational and support group. Therefore, it is the policy of the group not to allow the presentation of “business opportunities” to the members at meeting or posting of advertisements of any type on our website. Have fun, work hard, live well. Attend a meeting – it will be well worth your time.