The Seattle Austrian Economics Meetup Group

Group Description

This local study group will discuss, explore, and educate the Austrian School of Economics, Libertarianism, and classic liberalism. Our point of focus will be anywhere from modern economic issues, to classic Scholars like Carl Menger and Ludwig Von Mises. A summarization of goals this group attempts to accomplish are: *Education *Community involvement through education With help and organization of other local "Austrians" it is in our interest to become in involved in our local community educating individuals about our school of Economics and why it is relevant today. The methods of our involvement with the community ultimately depend on the members that join. Community Activities may be limited until membership grows. Ways we can educate our community *Public Speeches *Public Activities *Open Group Meetings and discussion forums Further input and ideas are pending the introduction of members. It is worth mentioning that due to the nature of politics and economics we will un-doubtly find disagreements with people. Out of sheer respect for our beloved Seattle neighbors we will above all else show the utmost respect for our differences.